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When an Auto Ad Works – The New Ford F-150

By on Dec 5, 2008 in Blog, Video | 6 comments

Typically, the ads I see these days on television for automotive products are so lame that it just increases my desire to see some of the giants fall. At the same time, when I do see something from one of the big three that is positive, that merits being called out as well.

The new television campaign for the Ford F-150 is such an example. This new spot, directed by Vince Haycock and with art direction by Paul Kirner and Brad Hensen under the guidance of CD Toby Barlow at Team Detroit, just rocks the planet, that’s all. Using graphics as they have, combined with a snappy script and the VO of actor Dennis Leary, the spot not only makes the truck attractive, it points out its real benefits to potential buyers.

So, no more shots of trucks pulling the empire state building, or being shot off the deck of an aircraft carrier, please! Instead, get creative. Do something that makes a difference – and people will notice.