Getting to know you

What is your story? Do you have an existing website you want to upgrade? Are you starting a new business? Are you looking at the web as your window to clients and vendors? We can help with that. The first step is to learn all we can, so a few “web discovery” dates may be in order. Fun! And we’re good listeners, too.

A Strategy for Success

Pre-Production will help define the right path

We spend a lot of time (relatively speaking) with pre-production. The more effort spent at this stage, the more effective the development process will be. What roadblocks may exist? What technical issues need to be addressed? How does the implementation of technology conflict with budget and timing? Taking these things into consideration now, will save time and money later. Some people think it’s administrative work. We think it’s a form of art and innovation.


In the rapidly changing world wide “interweb,” there’s more to websites than a few coded HTML pages. We use content management applications, create relationships between social media tools like FaceBook, Flickr, HubSpot, and other services. These relationships will take your presence from a website to a web environment. Rule the world.

Wireframes and Compositions

Music to the ear of any Controller

Before we boot up a server, we take the creative and technical plan for your web environment and develop wireframe examples and design comps. This is especially important relative to the user experience. If you lay out a web app design and never change it, disaster is lurking. Doing this work now – and not only with plain images, but visual elements that interact will result in a strong, user accessible web environment.

Look & Feel

“Looking Good Louis!”

“Feeling good, Billy Ray!” Let’s engage the audience. Let’s partner with our clients. To do that, proper and elegant presentation of not only the user experience, but imagery, video, social connectivity, and contact is essential. There are plenty of websites that are visually beautiful, but functional nightmares. Don’t create a functional nightmare of a website. Let us create something that looks and feels good. We not only can do it – we will do it.

Development & Launch

T-minus 10 and counting…

Now the team jumps into execution mode – the business process is first: Finalize the launch and support budget. Register the domain or confirm it. Establish hosting and hardware. Establish a payment gateway and accounts if there will be money transactions. Get the lawyers working on releases, copyrights, and all of that other legal eagle stuff.

The back office engineers spin the props on their headgear and open a coke and bag of chips. The result? A properly configured server environment. A functional database. Properly validated forms and email, analytics, content management, and reporting get done. And lots of coke and chips are consumed along the way.

The front end developers then click and dice the designs implemented. They build templates and install them into the Content Management Environment. They validate front-end code. They produce pages. They add social media and SEO content. They create relationships between the core website and the social media connectivity that will help spread the word about you, your firm, your products and your services. You may not have realized how valuable your company was until this very moment.

QA & Deployment

And Houston, we have a launch!

Testing is a huge part of any successful web expedition. We solicit beta testers. They test for us. We look for typos, code errors, or anything that would cause a site launch to abort. Once we’re satisfied, we press the big red button, notify the search engines, and tell the world you’re up and flying.

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