R/com Survey Manager


R/com SurveyManager 2 is a comprehensive, sophisticated online quantitative research application. Designed to meet demanding and flexible survey requirements, our deployments have been used for small, 100-person samples, and on engagements using hundreds of thousands of people.

From creation to deployment to analysis, R/com SurveyManager 2 will help you get to know your prospects, customers, and employees better. Our team can design, install, host, and help you analyze nearly andy type of research engagement.

A Smarter Survey

  • any time period
  • any repeated schedule
  • survey members or anonymous visitors
  • derive statistical and verbatim analysis
  • total control
  • no knowledge of HTML required

A Multi-Use Survey

  • final exams
  • sophisticated forms
  • registration

Our team can create a unique presentation that supports your brand, your organization, and your products.

We’ll Help You

  • design templates
  • process results
  • analyze results
  • customize special functions
  • design new capabilities
  • organize results
  • host your survey solution

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