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Unlike discount Internet Service Providers, our secure environment is designed to provide you with the access you need, the security anyone deserves, and the best possible service. In addition to being in a secure building, with backup power, fast connectivity, and multiple hosts, our facility is staffed 24/7 by experienced technicians, who monitor activity, and remain on-call whenever the need arises.

Now, our clients may choose from hosted hardware solutions, cloud and private cloud hosting and service, as well as secure disaster recovery and up-time support.

Dedicated Servers


Our dedicated server solution is unique, powerful, and secure. Our completely new suite of servers are combined with external RAID (RAID 5+1) devices. This means your hardware and software are more stable than most blade and contained servers.

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Cloud Servers


The ideal way to learn about cloud-driven hosting solutions, our cloud services include a user interface that looks like a typical Linux environment. Under that software interface, a true cloud environment provides on-demand scalability, flexibility and reliability.

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Private Cloud


For secure workgroup and web ecosystems, we offer a completely private cloud environment. Create server templates, then copy them as often as required, creating a new server within a minute – all while meeting stringent security, control, and compliance standards.

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Dedicated Servers

(Available Fall 2013) Housed in one of the Southland’s leading co-locations, our dedicated server environment is ideal for small, medium, and enterprise solutions. All hardware is secured in a Tier One facility, meeting AICPA and SOC Certification.

The Speed & Resources You Deserve: You might start small, but as your business grows, so do your options for dedicated hardware and software. Often, a dedicated server environment is best when running a heavy client load and/or large complex databases. Each one of our servers is connected to a CrashPlan disaster recovery solution, further protecting your content and environment.

Reliable, Hot Swappable Hardware: Our servers are among the most reliable in the industry. Each server is connected to an external RAID drive enclosure that runs both web and content. Two drives may fail without any loss of data or up-time operation. Should there be a hardware failure, replacing the hardware requires only a few minutes and your entire environment is back up and running.

What About Disaster Recovery?

Discount hosting services may copy your files to a separate hard drive, but they don’t actively protect your services, applications, and data. Our secure CrashPlan-based solution continuously sends your encrypted data to a secure online Cloud. All backup activities take place in the background. All archives are monitored continuously in real-time, verifying data continuity and logging all changes.

Typically, business backup providers utilize 128-bit “financial-grade” encryption. Our secure data backup uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Although released some time ago, it continues to provide leading edge performance, being 2.1 x 10 to the 96th times stronger than 128-bit encryption – and has never been hacked. All data is is stored using enterprise-grade Tier One Cloud services, including high Quality of Service (QoS) that business users demand. Storage is self-managed and utilizes self-healing technology that ensures your data is ready for restoration in the event of a local disaster.

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Cloud Servers

(Available Fall 2013) Clients who opt to use our Cloud Services will work with an environment that has the look and feel of a traditional dedicated server. Get past the traditional wrapping, and there is a fast, flexible, and affordable Cloud with complete on-demand scalability, flexibility and reliability. Built from the ground up using the CA Applogic grid computing platform, each Cloud Server is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, requirements and budget. There is no need to purchase any hardware. Simply choose the amount of CPU, RAM, and Disk, as well as the OS type and version. As demand increases, you can easily manage and scale resources through our user-friendly Cloud Server Control Panel.

Cloud Server Control Panel: Simple-to-use, intuitive, web-based management GUI for easy centralized management of your Cloud Servers. Start, stop, reboot or resize your applications on-demand.

Automatic Failure Detection: With built-in High-Availability, Cloud Servers will automatically restart if a failure is detected. No intervention is required.

Rapid Deployment: Cloud Servers with fully integrated firewalls, network and load balancers can easily be provisioned in minutes.

Scalability/Resource Management: Scale individual component resources on-demand, stop applications to reduce resource consumption and launch new instances when you need them.

Redundant Storage: All data volumes are automatically mirrored, providing each Cloud Server with built-in fault tolerance.

Built-In Monitoring: Each Cloud Server has built-in availability monitoring, with our more advanced applications including built-in performance monitoring.

Understanding SOC 2 Certified


Customer security, integrity and confidentiality are critical components for a Tier One Hosting Provider and our partner Xfernet meets these standards. The entire facility and operations exceed industry standards by having the Data Center Hosting Infrastructure complete—and pass—the rigorous scrutiny of a SOC 2 Audit. All hosting operations are routinely and systematically inspected with focus on data center and organizational controls, governance, administration, and physical/logical security. There are very few facilities in California that operate at this high level.

These criteria were developed by AICPA specifically for evaluating data center and service organization controls. The SOC 2 report allows comparison to a benchmark whereas the SOC 1 report merely verifies the company has an internal control program to which it adheres. SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports are restricted-use reports intended for existing customers and internal use only and not to be distributed to the public or to prospective clients.

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Private Cloud

(Available Fall 2013) Utilizing our co-location partner Xfernet’s ActiveGrid, your option to utilize a Proviate Cloud will combine the flexibility and cost-savings of cloud computing with the security and high-availability hosting needed to meet today’s stringent security, control and compliance standards.

Customized specifically for your business, ActiveGrid is a single-tenant, dedicated private cloud platform using CA Applogic grid technology that lets you quickly design, deploy and manage your application delivery lifecycle, including software development, web applications and business services—and all while mitigating risk and avoiding costly hardware purchases. Leverage the benefits of virtualization—like elasticity, reduced provisioning costs, and the ability to rapidly scale resources—while maintaining physical hardware separation.

Design, Build, Deploy, and Manage:
Our easy-to-use centralized management interface provides an intuitive, drag & drop approach to managing your entire environment, letting you design your perfect customized business delivery service quicker than ever.

Continuity Defeats System Failures:
Built-in protection against hardware failure features volume-mirroring capabilities across your Private Cloud. Should any server fail, the affected application components are automatically restarted on a healthy server.

Compliance & Security:
We provide a highly secure foundation for your business applications, with an architecture designed to help meet today’s critical compliance and certification requirements, including AICPA SOC 2.

Dedicated Cloud Environment:
Built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively to your organization, you can change your virtual IT environment as often as your requirements change. An ideal solution when you need to accelerate innovation or have large compute and storage requirements.

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