University of Michigan

Continuum Film Wins Best Documentary (again!)

My Academy Award-winning father (twice!) keeps telling me that we have to promote ourselves at every turn. For some, it’s easy. For me, not so easy. But, in this case, easier – as the film in question, Continuum: Against All Odds, is the work of my remarkable wife, Cameron. … Read More

Winning Top Prize at a Film Festival

Our guests were terrific and very supportive. Cameron and I had never seen this particular film on the “big screen,” so it was fun to see it in a theater setting. And when the showing was complete, everyone was very kind, and they left. We took some of our team to dinner. … Read More

Solar Winds Prevail

This production was created for up to six cameras, four en route, all in HD. Separate teams under the production direction of David Barrett worked to find the lead stories each day, during a 10-day across the US and Canada race. … Read More

Shooting in Detroit

One fellow actually walked the entire show wearing a “steadycam” style support vest, all for a 5 pound camera that was a fly compared to the 50 pound Betacams I used to lug about. In fact, of equal amazement to me are the number of people who are still lugging these monsters about. Not only is it silly, but the gear is, for the most part, antique and unable to compete with many of those 10 to 20 pound cameras… … Read More

Preparing to Shoot in Australia

Part of our team is about to head to Australia to shoot a sports documentary for the University of Michigan. It will be a challenging project, crossing the entire country via the Stewart Highway, a desolate, dangerous and often two … Read More