The iPad Redefines How People Use the Internet

Most importantly, we don’t feel like we’re using a computer when we pick up the iPad. It’s more akin to using a television, or – and this sounds silly – like reading a book. Because what the iPad does better than anything I’ve seen in my 30 years of creating software, video, websites and so on – what it does better is share content. And for content creators, ranging from our boutique firm to a major newspaper or magazine, that’s good news. … Read More

Is Social Media the “New Socialism?”

Whereas socialism traditionally is about centralized authority, property owned in common, Government controlled information, and limited resources made available by the State, social media is quite the opposite: Shared use, but protetion via Creative Commons licensing, unlimited resources (cloud computing), real-time opinions, and real-time worldwide sharing of ideas, ideals, and communication. … Read More

Can Social Media Help Save Ford?

But Ford is truly using the downturn in the economy and the drama with its Detroit cousins to get up and deliver. While quality may have been their long-term mantra, Social Media may now be at the top of their marketing agenda. … Read More

Twitter Has Biz & Public Outreach Buzz

There’s been a lot of buzz about Twitter of late. No wonder. With millions of users, and truckloads of new people signing up every day, it’s now easy to follow the antics of your friends, co-workers, or even Darth Vader. … Read More

Small Can Be The New Big

So, give it some thought – we can help you better understand how to creatively and effectively manage your products or services in a rapidly changing marketplace. By thinking small, you could eventually be big. And we can help. … Read More

Dealing with Dumb Tweets

So, if you’re following someone via Twitter, give them feedback about the value of their tweets. Make certain the emerging technologies we’re sharing with so many of clients are effective and hep them build business, not lose it. … Read More

A Critical Day in Terms of Witnessing Our Digital World

Our world is much smaller now. Smaller than ever before. It so because of technology, and we must be ever vigilant about it, or it will pass us by. All of those things we’ve talked about in our businesses for the past decade as, “things for the future” are now upon us. And never was it more evident than in the inagural coverage witnessed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. … Read More