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Mexico 7.4 Earthquake: Social Media Works When Phones Don’t

March 20th started out as a lovely day in southern Mexico. By mid-afternoon, the southern end of the country was reacting to a devastating 7.4 earthquake and aftershocks. The quake’s epicenter was about 15 miles (25 kilometers) east of Ometepec, … Read More

Don’t Forget to Listen to Your Customers

As 2011 winds down, I spend considerable time evaluating where we’ve been and where we need to go in the coming year. As much as possible, I visit with clients and ask questions, so I can get a better feel … Read More

Social Media is not Magic

Every few weeks, we receive an inquiry regarding the use of social media to improve a firm’s popularity or sales. And the expectation is always based on getting to the top of the mix. Let’s get this out of the … Read More

Is Social Media the “New Socialism?”

Whereas socialism traditionally is about centralized authority, property owned in common, Government controlled information, and limited resources made available by the State, social media is quite the opposite: Shared use, but protetion via Creative Commons licensing, unlimited resources (cloud computing), real-time opinions, and real-time worldwide sharing of ideas, ideals, and communication. … Read More

Can Social Media Help Save Ford?

But Ford is truly using the downturn in the economy and the drama with its Detroit cousins to get up and deliver. While quality may have been their long-term mantra, Social Media may now be at the top of their marketing agenda. … Read More