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How Long Does it Take to Manage a Blog?

What took time for this blog was the research and “thinking” part of the entry. And, come to think of it, the many conversations that led up to the writing of this entry. So, maybe this entry had a day of my time invested in it. And that has nothing to do with managing the site. Oh, and when you’re busy creating an entry, time flies. I really thought this took me ten minutes. Ack! … Read More

LAFD Museum Utilizes New R|com CMS

Every time an organization takes advantage of a solution like this, it makes me smile, as the ability to clearly take charge of Internet-based communication is so important in today’s hectic social environment. And, since the introduction of the system last month, the museum’s website has had more traffic than it had in the previous ten months. … Read More

R|com Content Management System Software New Release

Our solution provides the ideal mix of capabilities. The license fee is very reasonable, and we provide the option for a single installation or a full server filled with multiple installations. The range of options is extensive, as are the add-on capabilities. … Read More