Canon 7D is Good for Stills, Too

We’ve spent the past year evaluating various bits of kit, and with the knowledge that we’d need to use the gear for a wide range of projects, the 7D became a leading contender. The remarkable reviews by noted DP Philip Bloom and some of his amazing 7D videos didn’t hurt either. … Read More

Sony NXCAM – Great News For Documentary Work

Hey Sony – want some remarkable footage of firefighters saving lives? How about the California coast and wine country? Or, how about some footage of the latest sports cars being testing on windy country roads at speed? If so, get us an NXCAM ASAP. We aren’t asking for a freebie. We’ll own it. Love it. And we’ll tell the world. … Read More

Photographing the Station Fire

As this is part of our job, we’ve become familiar with these types of situations in general. Yet this particular incident will remain etched in our memories for quite awhile. We can only hope it will be at least another 60 years before anything like this happens again – and never would be a much better option. … Read More

Ready, Set, Go Now in Production

Ready, Set, Go! as an initiative is being supported by a wide array of Southern California emergency services agencies. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s position is clear: If there is a wildfire, prepare your home and family, get set to evacuate if required, and when asked, or even before that, leave the area. Your home can be saved. Once you die, coming back is apparently problematic. … Read More

Good Footage Comes in All Shapes and Sizes.

I have kept this camera for this exact purpose – when not expecting something, be prepared to get the unexpected. So, at the end of the day, I got some big shots from a small camera. … Read More

Action Shots of LAFD Helicopters

These sequences were shot during actual emergency response incidents, or at Van Nuys Airport responding to a call. Sony HD Cameras were used, and all content was edited in Final Cut Pro. … Read More

Twitter Has Biz & Public Outreach Buzz

There’s been a lot of buzz about Twitter of late. No wonder. With millions of users, and truckloads of new people signing up every day, it’s now easy to follow the antics of your friends, co-workers, or even Darth Vader. … Read More

Designing for Print – The LAFD Gala Program

Each year, the Los Angeles Fire Department throws a benefit gala to raise money for the Historical Society to fund their various programs and projects throughout the year. At each seat is a set of gifts donated by sponsors and printed material designed and produced by R|com Creative. As the designer of the program book, the short timetable and the reliance on multiple sources of information proved the most challenging elements, but the finished product was well worth the effort and time spent. … Read More

Earthquake Drill

Southern California is overdue for the “Big One!” Scientists have learned that over the course of many centuries, a major earthquake has typially occurred on a major fault such as the San Andreas every 125  to 175 years. The last … Read More

My Safe L.A. Debut Useful to L.A. Area Residents

The website listed a wide range of resources within an hour of the Sayre fire flaring up. Residents could utilize the site to find evac centers, animal support services, and to get the latest news, even if they were without access to traditional media, such as television. … Read More