Don’t Forget to Listen to Your Customers

As 2011 winds down, I spend considerable time evaluating where we’ve been and where we need to go in the coming year. As much as possible, I visit with clients and ask questions, so I can get a better feel … Read More

With a New Website, What Tools are we Using?

Every web environment is different. In some cases, a single page exists. In others, a wide array of applications are in play. For R/com Creative, a combination of tools helps us communicate with our clients and prospective new friends. Our … Read More

R|Com WebManager 5

Web Solutions // Content Management Systems / CMS Options / R|Com WebManager 5 / design – features – performance – FAQ Today, a website needs to be much more than a digital brochure. Today, customers want to research, evaluate, query, … Read MoreRead More

Building a Campaign

We’re in the midst of creating a collection of materials to be used in a campaign for a non-profit. Campaign creativity is one of the more challenging projects I can imagine. For a typical campaign, you’re working out how to … Read More

The importance of quality audio

The outcome of the test was really interesting. People often picked lower quality video with higher quality sound as their favorite images. And, when the audio was played back without picture, most (like 90%) picked the highest end video to go along with the top quality audio, even when that audio was really matched to lower quality video images. … Read More

Are we all headed to the cloud?

Make no mistake, we’re very strong supporters of Software as a Service. At the same time, the ability to utilize applications on a local level remains equally important. It isn’t a game of lessor or greater – it’s an apple to an orange. … Read More

Don’t Ignore Social Networking in 2009

Not only did the Obama campaign get people to log in, it collected information as well. The campaign collected 13 million email addresses, a million mobile phone numbers, and more than one half billion dollars via online donations. … Read More

How Long Does it Take to Manage a Blog?

What took time for this blog was the research and “thinking” part of the entry. And, come to think of it, the many conversations that led up to the writing of this entry. So, maybe this entry had a day of my time invested in it. And that has nothing to do with managing the site. Oh, and when you’re busy creating an entry, time flies. I really thought this took me ten minutes. Ack! … Read More

Keeping the Blog Alive

Blogging is time-consuming. And, it’s also a viable mechansim for reaching an audience. I don’t think there is a staffer or contractor on our team that doesn’t read at least a few blogs regularly. Cameron is an avid blog reader, … Read More