Automotive Research

Can Social Media Help Save Ford?

But Ford is truly using the downturn in the economy and the drama with its Detroit cousins to get up and deliver. While quality may have been their long-term mantra, Social Media may now be at the top of their marketing agenda. … Read More

Solar Winds Prevail

This production was created for up to six cameras, four en route, all in HD. Separate teams under the production direction of David Barrett worked to find the lead stories each day, during a 10-day across the US and Canada race. … Read More

What Will the Auto Industry Do?

Next, kill GMC. Sell Saab. Who even knows that Saab is owned by GM? In fact, reduce the company to a core of Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick. Some might even argue to dump Buick, but I personally think it adds a niche for older buyers who value tradition. … Read More

Navigating Hilarity

During the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a chance to check out a variety of new promoted technologies on various automobiles. As a component of our work within the automotive space, we often drive new vehicles, work with clinic groups … Read More