Our Workflow

Step 1: Discovery

Getting to know you

We’re interested in challenging and important projects. And, we listen. If you’ve ever had a perfect first date, think of us in the same manner. We want to you all about you — your situation, the opportunity for an iOS app, your thoughts about marketing, and how you’d like to see your concept hatched. We’ll share our thoughts, provide expertise, and get your project ready to fly.

Step 2: Wireframing

Bringing your ideas to life

The hardest part of a good project is pre-production. The more effort spent in defining how the app works, the workflow, user issues, design, not to mention the data structure — the better the end result. And, once we define page flow, interactions, layout, etc, we’ll create rough wireframes for you to review. Your entire app will be presented in the same manner as an architectural design for a building. The next step will get your heart racing…

Step 3: Storycarding

Getting organized for success

Before we code it up, we’ll storycard it. What? Yes, it’s a bit of a nerdy thing to write, but it’s an accurate portrayal of a development process designed to save you money, while ensuring the best possible solution. We work thru the entire app, using the wireframes created as a guide. Every interaction is carded up, and the result is that our developers will catch most issues before they code the app, saving time and dollars. You’ll be in total control of your project, and you’ll know what’s done, what’s next, and what’s in process.

Step 4: Look & Feel

More than just a pretty face

In today’s fast-moving and complex mobile app world, if your customers don’t immediately “get” how your app is supposed to work, you’re likely to lose them forever. Once the wireframes and stories are complete, we’ll create the various screens (we call them views) and we’ll post them for you to evaluate and comment on. This is the KEY step in ensuring your iOS app is a winner.

Step 5: Design & Development

Countdown to launch

Based on a successful collaboration in steps 1 – 4, this final phase of development will move quickly. By this time, you’ll know exactly how the app will work, what issues have been overcome, and how your audience is likely to react. There are always hiccups in code development, but our workflow process typically cuts them down to size before they become monsters. We’ll code it up. We’ll bundle it up. We’ll submit it to the app store. You’re in business.

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