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Auto Obsession Teaser #1

A short teaser for a new web series called AutoObsession. Part of an in development web network – AutoObsessed, this show pits owners of modern vehicles against their legacy counterparts. So, new BMW Mini owners vs Cooper Mini owners; New Porsche owners vs legacy Porsche owners. Additional teases and a new website will follow…


Before the Barks: Episode 1 – 911 Search Dogs

In the first episode of this web series on FEMA search and rescue dogs, “Before the Barks” introduces you to Coby and Guinness, two of the few remaining dogs who searched in vain for survivors at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11. Both dogs are old now, but they still bear the fundamental characteristics of a FEMA search and rescue dog – courage, drive, and a bond to their FEMA handlers that defies simple explanation.
“Before the Barks” will explore in detail what makes a successful FEMA search and rescue dog, how puppies as young as six weeks are selected, what rigorous training they undergo to become certified and why these courageous dogs do the work they do.
Join us soon for Episode II.
A MySafe:LA production in association with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

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