Short Films


Cooking With Friends

While visiting with friends just prior to the 2011 SuperBowl, it suddenly struck me that this gathering was a perfect opportunity to test the videography abilities of the Apple iPhone 4.
This entire production was shot with the iPhone 4. It was edited with iMovie 11 as well, so as to stay within the production path. Music courtesy of the Bill Evans label.
For me, the end result is pretty fantastic. You can clearly use the iPhone as a creative tool, notably if you have some experience with framing, use of the device (moving it as part of the shooting process), and the use of light. No effects of any kind were used in the post production process. While the show would benefit from such post sweetening, the objective is to show the iPhone in its pure capture and distribution form.


Harmony: The Story of Rock Our World

Five years ago, Southern California public school teacher Carol Anne McGuire, set out to bring a little bit of the world to her students. With music as her universal language, she created Rock Our World, where students from all over the globe, collaborated to build songs in Apple’s music authoring program Garage Band. Through the music making process, schools would meet via video chats and learn about one another.
Five years out, she has brought together hundreds of kids from over 60 schools on seven continents. She has partnered with the American Film Institute, NASA and the Discovery Channel in bringing curriculum into the program. Rock Our World has been featured in education speeches as the United Nations. It is an unmitigated success. But it’s future is uncertain.[/one_third]

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