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By The Sea…

This is a simple camera test, shot with the Canon EOS 7D (all hand-held), and edited using the new Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. The purpose was to test the ease-of-use, 64-bit processing, and other functions in the latest release of Adobe’s software.
To really test the environment, I put a two-hour time limit on the project. So, from ingesting media, to logging, layout, rough cut, music, and final cut, everything was completed in that time period. I would have preferred to work longer, but to test the software, the time limit was useful.
As a long-time Final Cut Pro user, it was an interesting experience to jump into a totally new environment and whip a quick edit out. I will now turn my attention to learning more about the application. I have no intention of ditching FCP, but until the new cocoa version is released, it’s good to have options!


LAFD Air Operations

Footage clips of the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Air Operations helicopters. This footage is being gathered for the upcoming documentary film on the history of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Produced by award-winning and highly experienced film producers David and Cameron Barrett, SMOKE EATERS reveals never before told stories about heroism, skill, and danger.


Panasonic DVX-100 Portraits and Mini-Doc Example

This sequence is from a longer-format project that highlights the use of digital technology in the classroom. Produced for non-broadcast or sales use, the short film reveals the power of 21st century tech on today’s children, often referred to as “Digital Natives.” The Panasonic DVX-100 absolutely serves up that “panny mojo” with warm colors and imagery that goes way beyond its price point. No grading of the project was done, just NTSC safe and shot by shot color matching.


International Automotive Research

One of our clients, a research firm working in the automotive industry, sent us to South Carolina, Texas, Germany and France to help with an international study on car interiors. This video is an excerpt from several hours of multimedia we added to their final report.

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