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Change the Culture, Change the Perception

One of the things we continually suggest to our clients is to consider your culture and compare it against that of your competitors. Once you know what the playing field is like, consider taking steps to create a process that … Read More

Hosting Is Evolving

The emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing has changed the dynamics of hosting and provisioning of Internet services. At some point, the definition of cloud-based hosting will need to evolve. Everyone who has a server hosted … Read More

Dealing With False Math

Have you ever experienced the challenge of dealing with something that adds up, but doesn’t? Unemployment is a good example (and this doesn’t relate to any political position). The current unemployment figure, as shared by the Federal Government is at … Read More

A Brief History of the HITECH Act

There’s been so much interest in the evolution of Electronic Health Records recently. The impact on every physician’s office that chooses to accept insurance approved patients, or those on medicare will be staggering. For those that don’t want to play, … Read More

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Rcom WebManager Pro & Sitellite

Our team has offered a secure, efficient, and flexible content management system since 2001. Initially a branded version of a Canadian-based CMS called Sitellite, over time, our team has developed variations, additional elements, and new components, leading to our own … Read More

Flash in the pan… HTML-5 gains momentum

I remember the good old days, I guess in part because I’m no longer a twenty or even thirty or wow – a forty something. Software development was a thoughtful, exciting process. And, as you developed the software you planned … Read More

Is Twitter Usage Important to Marketing a Product?

Technology often moves so quickly, we can’t even catch our breath before the next wave hits us. Twitter isn’t really new, but it is evolving. The technology that was originally for broadcasting mini-blog postings of 144 characters has become a … Read More

Ford Continues to Demonstrate Leadership With Social Media

It’s so nice when you see someone or some entity doing something that you’d like to do as well or better. Apple has been at the forefront of classic product design and marketing. Ford is another example of a manufacturer … Read More

Some Basic Tips Regarding eMail and Security

Have you ever received an email from someone you know explaining that they’ve changed their email address due to a recent hack job? Has that email blast had scores or even hundreds of email addresses of that person’s contacts visible? … Read More