Canon EOS 7D a Great Production Tool

It is a fabulous production tool. It also represents a major breakthrough in some respects, but it is not, as some would tell you, a fix-all for video production. … Read More

The New JVC GY – HM100U is How Much?

The DV Expo was really small this year. We ripped through the tiny section of the Pasadena Convention Center set aside for the likes of Panasonic, Sony and JVC, in about three hours, and that included saying hi to nearly … Read More

Flipping for Little Cameras

You’re thinking Flip, aren’t you? We were too. The best Flip out there shoots “Video: 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per second (fps) progressive scan; recorded as MP4 files,” according to their website, and that will work just fine with our production. … Read More

Panasonic Remote HD Recorder = Fabulous!

This is a wonderful recording device for all kinds of interesting situations. In our case, we could mount it in a helicopter cockpit, on the tiller of a hook and ladder fire engine (looking down the ladder), on the windscreen of a (fast) motorcycle, and or, on a custom-designed, aerodynamic solar-powered racing car. … Read More

Panasonic Broadcast Field Recorder = BAD?

This box is $16,000. What can you buy with $16K these days? Well, let’s see: A laptop with real editing software (this box does cuts-only), connectivity to P2, AVCHD, etc. formats, cards, not to mention mobile storage and high-speed connectivity can easily be had for $5,000. That would leave $11 grand for, um… whatever! … Read More

Photographing the Station Fire

As this is part of our job, we’ve become familiar with these types of situations in general. Yet this particular incident will remain etched in our memories for quite awhile. We can only hope it will be at least another 60 years before anything like this happens again – and never would be a much better option. … Read More

Ready, Set, Go Now in Production

Ready, Set, Go! as an initiative is being supported by a wide array of Southern California emergency services agencies. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s position is clear: If there is a wildfire, prepare your home and family, get set to evacuate if required, and when asked, or even before that, leave the area. Your home can be saved. Once you die, coming back is apparently problematic. … Read More

Winning Top Prize at a Film Festival

Our guests were terrific and very supportive. Cameron and I had never seen this particular film on the “big screen,” so it was fun to see it in a theater setting. And when the showing was complete, everyone was very kind, and they left. We took some of our team to dinner. … Read More

R|com Earns Three Telly Awards for 2009

The 30th Annual Telly Awards have been announced and R|com Creative has earned three separate awards in this year’s competition. We are honored that the Telly Awards have seen fit to honor us for our film and video endeavors. … Read More

Rock Our World – The Release Cut

This is the final cut for the short film about Carol Anne McGuire and her program of music and education: Rock Our World. … Read More