The Upgrade Cycle for Software

Because of the age of their software, integration of the latest version of Flash, Java, and other technologies is more complex, as the older software cannot support newer tools. And, as marketing departments ask for these new technologies, the company has a growing in-house “request list” that is not being addressed, creating some degree of confusion and frustration. … Read More

Why Outsourcing Make Financial Sense

In today’s market, timely deliverables are vital to sales growth and success. Outsourcing can solve many problems, while also improving your bottom line. … Read More

Small Can Be The New Big

So, give it some thought – we can help you better understand how to creatively and effectively manage your products or services in a rapidly changing marketplace. By thinking small, you could eventually be big. And we can help. … Read More

Use Video To Support Your Sales Force

Most decision makers desks are filled with clutter. There’s too much to deal with and not enough time. Having the ability to run a video via a web-browser, while also reviewing email, or other tasks, increases your opportunity to be seen – and for your message to be heard. … Read More

Rethinking The Budget

Companies still need to communicate via the web – perhaps now more than ever. Video is still an important communications tool. By rethinking how our team performs, we can help our clients save money, too. … Read More

The Mystique of the Mac, MacWorld Expo, and Evolution.

Each MacWorld Expo was a chance to see Jobs speak, and many of us thought each speech would be the last one. After all, when he returned, he coined the “iCEO” term, meaning he was at that time the interim CEO. He wasn’t planning on staying. In those days, he used to end his presentations with, “oh, and one last thing…” and it would be the show’s bombshell. The big deal. I’ll never forget the 2000 Macworld, when he said, “oh, and one last thing… I like what I’m doing, so I’m going to stay.” … Read More

Designing for Print – The LAFD Gala Program

Each year, the Los Angeles Fire Department throws a benefit gala to raise money for the Historical Society to fund their various programs and projects throughout the year. At each seat is a set of gifts donated by sponsors and printed material designed and produced by R|com Creative. As the designer of the program book, the short timetable and the reliance on multiple sources of information proved the most challenging elements, but the finished product was well worth the effort and time spent. … Read More

QuickTurn Print Projects Require Care

We created a series of easily read messages, integrated a terrific photo, laid it out, got it approved – and made it happen. As with many rapid turnaround projects, this was a simple, easy to accomplish gig. The postcard did the trick, too – with a 20% increase in response within 72 hours of the mailing going out. … Read More

Learn about us…

I’ve always wondered what to expect when visiting the promotional-style websites of various entities. Some sites are polished, and some are filled with products and services. Often, the Internet eliminates the instinct one gets from in-person experiences. Does this feel … Read More