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Introducing R/com Studios

By on Jun 12, 2015 in Consulting, Film Studio, iOS Studio, Web Studio |

We’re making some changes that will help us better collaborate with you. R/com Creative is now officially R/com Studios. The change allows us to focus more clearly on our mission – creative content development. There are three studios to choose from: Film Studio – Our creative film projects originate here. Many of our projects are shown in festivals and much of that work is awarded metal to show off to friends and clients. Personally, I think they should give us piñatas. At least we could fill those with candy and have our friends and clients smash ’em to bits. Cheaper, too. iOS Studio – Our team is busy at work creating interesting business related apps for the iPad and iPhone. We’re focusing on the specific market that is iOS, but who knows what we might add in the future. Web Studio – We’re working on several new projects that could be very useful for you. That includes a heavily revised Content Management System (CMS), updated survey app, and cloud based emergency services solutions. We’re going to talk about gear, production process, our work, and how all of that ties together to develop better stories for our clients and the market into which they reach. We’re also going to “let our hair down,” so to speak – and engage a bit more of our opinion in some of our blog postings. As an example, one of the key projects underway at R/com Studios is completing the migration from HD to 4K video. The emergence of 4K is more than a fad – it’s the future, and the future is present. As we look for tools to complete that migration, we’ll share our experiences and opinions with you – as our clients and co-collaborators, hopefully our experiences will help define our skill set, what we believe in, and how we can create solutions that mean something – both for you and your market. So check back often. See what we’re up to and share your thoughts and opinions. When you need anything within the creative sphere, give us a call. We’re ready to...

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iOS 9 Shows Some Maturity, Not So The Watch… Yet

By on Jun 9, 2015 in Consulting, iOS Studio |

At this year’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple debuted a number of new things, and as it happens, iOS 9 Shows Some Maturity, Not So The Watch… Yet. Core Improvements The core improvement Apple wanted to make on iOS 9 this go-round was adding intelligence to the operating system. Craig Federighi started the segment off with Siri’s upcoming improvements. New “context sensitive” features include the ability to tell Siri to “remind me about this” and it will know you are referring to the webpage currently on Safari. If you receive a phone number but are not sure who’s calling, you can also ask Siri to search through your emails to find any matches. Siri can also suggest people to invite for meetings, or apps that you might like your usage behavior during particular times of day. Apple also unveiled an API for search to help developers deep link their apps from mobile Spotlight searches. All of your searches and suggestions are not linked to your Apple ID or shared with third parties. New improvements are also coming to apps like Notes and Maps, indexing links on the former and transit information on the latter. When you look up businesses on Maps, it will also give you info on whether or not they accept Apple Pay, because of course. News Additionally, Apple announced a new app for iOS 9 called News to personalize news content, updating anytime the user opens the app. The Flipboard-like app include graphics that adapt based on the news source’s site aesthetics, and allow users to browse publishers for top stories. News will roll out first to the US, UK and Australia. Some updates coming to the iPad: New gestures are being added such as using two fingers to tap on the keyboard to turn it into a touchpad. This is helpful for when you want to drag text during an email, for example. Multi-window support is also coming to the iPad, much like OS X El Capitan. You can also simultaneously scroll on both screens… if that’s your thing. There’s a new slide-over view as well, so you can drag in another app from the side for a quick glance while you’re using another app...

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Which One? New iPhone 6 Plus or iPad?

By on Sep 15, 2014 in Blog, Consulting, iOS Studio |

The question of the month is – Does the new iPhone 6 Plus dilute the market for the iPad? According to IDC, purchases of tablet devices have slowed quite a bit during the past year. Even the iPad, which continues to be the market leader is not experiencing the type of growth that smart phones are. Now, with the Apple 6 Plus, some people are wondering if the tablet has a future at all. Use the Right Device For the Job In our office, we use both the iPhone and the iPad. We produce more software for the iPad, but now new discussions have taken place — “could we adapt this iPad app to run on the iPhone Six Plus,” has come up more than once. For me, it was pretty straight forward: I think an iPhone 6 Plus is too big to carry around in my pocket or on my belt. So, I’m using the phone for communication, and the iPad for work. For others in the office, a bit more of a debate has ensued. My question to the team has been: “what is the right device for the job or function at hand?” First, the iPhone 6 Plus does offer behavior more like that of a micro-iPad than an iPhone. That’s a result of the third party developer ecosystem. Clearly, some apps will now run on an iPhone 6 Plus that wouldn’t be “phone capable” in the past. Still, it’s a small screen when compared to any iPad. If you need to question this, visit an Apple store and put the 6 Plus and an iPad Mini side by side. While the size difference between an iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5/5s) is small, the difference between it and iPad mini is substantial. Which one? If you think you need an iPad, you probably do. When evaluating the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus, it’s pretty clear that some tasks common on iPad weren’t going to be particularly suited to it. For moderate to extensive image editing and or anything more than light editing of Office documents, particularly large spreadsheets, the iPad is still the way to go. Even reading an entire ebook on it...

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Building 3D Models Changes How We Share Via The Web

By on Aug 22, 2014 in Blog, Consulting, Content Management, Custom Software, Internet, iOS Studio |

So, what about 3D? We’ve seen it in motion pictures for years now. Back in the 1990s, I was CEO of a software development firm called Aegis Development. We created a 3D modeling and animation system called VideoScape 3D. It was used for pre-production and production in TV and motion pictures. It evolved into Lightwave 3D and has had a tremendous success rate ever since. Today, 3D is being used in lots of new and different ways. Have you visited the website recently? Most of the devices you see in the website (photographs excluded) are actually 3D models. As such, the marketing people have far more control over the presentation of data and information. We use 3D models ourselves, and quite successfully. One example is our client website PureCommand. The iPad devices in the site are all 3D models developed by our team. The benefits of 3D in today’s world include: A 3D model is a real, life sized entity built inside of the computer. A 3D model is more realistic than 2D drawings. 3D design gives you a competitive edge – one your competition may already be enjoying. 3D models are great for design reviews with other members of a design team. All construction and shop fabrication drawings are created from the 3D model insuring accuracy in the final product. 3D models are a tremendous marketing tool and can create additional revenue. Good 3D design is not easily achieved. It is the product of talent, knowledge, and skill. Its value is immense. 3D Opens up a world of design that is otherwise inaccessible. The more we use 3D, the more we’re sold on it. Look for an array of new 3D modeled images and content in our client...

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Why iOS 8 is Useful to Our Clients

By on Jun 25, 2014 in Blog, Consulting, Content Management, Custom Software, iOS Studio |

As our team develops iOS apps, some of our clients are always interested in what makes advances in the OS useful to their business or services. Apple’s introduction of iOS 8 provides some important and useful enhancements that anyone using an iPad or iPhone should be interested in. Interactive Notifications —  Interactive notifications is a terrific new element within iOS 8. Now, you may respond to texts, email, calendar invitations, reminders and messages within other apps such as Facebook or Instagram from the notification banners that pops up at the top of the screen. Keyboards — For the first time, you’re no longer restricted to the keyboard Apple gives you and can pick better options from third-party developers, like Swype ($0.99). So, if you type in a particular way, now you can do it your way. Timer for Photographs — Apple added a timer to its Camera app, allowing you either 3 or 10 seconds to position the camera and then jump into the shot with your friends. You don’t need to touch the camera, either. Selfies galore. Battery Monitoring — This is one of the most useful new elements of iOS 8. Check your apps and see how much impact each one has on your battery. To identify which apps you should close when not in use, visit General > Usage > Battery Usage. This small step could add a few hours of extra battery life to your day. Homescreen in Landscape Mode — While iOS 7 users could read content in landscape mode, the home screen never changed. Now, iPhone 6 Plus owners will be able to turn their device 90 degrees and see apps displayed on the home screen in either format. Key People Shortcuts — If you press the Home button twice, you’ll not only see the webpages you have open but the faces of people you’ve recently talked to. This makes it easy to call or text your favorite contacts right away. Note that ALL contacts will be highlighted, even those you might not want others to see. To remove this feature, visit Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Show in App Switcher and switch it of Off. Shared Locations — Now, iOS 8 lets you set up a window...

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Do You Want to Create a Mobile App?

Do You Want to Create a Mobile App?

By on Sep 26, 2012 in Blog, Consulting, iOS Studio |

More of our business is centered around mobile app development than ever before. Creating an application that runs under iOS or Android is completely different than coding for a stand-alone software app, or a server-driven web app. In fact, a mobile app may include all of the variables in app development: mobile, web, and stand-alone. One of the most common discussions we have with clients about mobile apps relate to the how and why of app creation. Many clients think they want an app, but until we speak, it’s a bit of a mystery. This is important, because it means a certain type of developer may convince a business owner that they need a mobile app, when in fact, the opposite is true. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why you may wish to create a mobile app and some of the key elements that the common business will want to consider including: Social Media links: If you’re going to create an app that connects your clients to you, consider including the ability for group broadcasts of tweets, Facebook updates, etc. Sometimes, manufacturers of products are concerned about clients communicating with each other, but they/you shouldn’t be. These can be your biggest evangelists. Use them. Empower Your Clients: Starbucks makes buying coffee fast and easy with their app. Other food services create automatic payments via mobile apps. these functions empower their customers. If you’re selling a product used by professionals who are “on the go,” give them the option to re-order or order via an app. They’ll feel very connected to you, and as such, will become increasingly loyal over time. Reward Your Audience: What is it that your client needs? Give them rewards, coupons, invitations, etc. These rewards don’t always need to be for your product or service, either. By creating a “Draw” via your app, you will create ongoing and increasing customer interest in staying in touch. Solve the Problem: Don’t create an app just to say you have one. There are literally hundreds of these appearing every day, and they are diluting the marketplace. Make certain your app solves a problem. Do your customers need to reach you and can’t easily do...

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