R|com Unveils New AutoPacific Website

The new website was developed using our WebManager Pro content management system (CMS). WebManager Pro is a fully functional, multi-dimensional content driven web publishing application. AutoPacific staff may create their own content, edit, publish, archive, etc., all without asking for any assistance from a web designer or engineer. … Read More

When Design is Everything

Design should either be timeless or totally time-based. When was the Coca Cola logo invented? Who cares? It’s timeless. What about Google’s logo? It’s freakin’ ugly, but it’s also effective – and it speaks to a specific time – and it will likely evolve over time as well. … Read More

Ready, Set, Go Now in Production

Ready, Set, Go! as an initiative is being supported by a wide array of Southern California emergency services agencies. The Los Angeles Fire Department’s position is clear: If there is a wildfire, prepare your home and family, get set to evacuate if required, and when asked, or even before that, leave the area. Your home can be saved. Once you die, coming back is apparently problematic. … Read More

R|com Earns Three Telly Awards for 2009

The 30th Annual Telly Awards have been announced and R|com Creative has earned three separate awards in this year’s competition. We are honored that the Telly Awards have seen fit to honor us for our film and video endeavors. … Read More

Rock Our World – The Release Cut

This is the final cut for the short film about Carol Anne McGuire and her program of music and education: Rock Our World. … Read More

Is Social Media the “New Socialism?”

Whereas socialism traditionally is about centralized authority, property owned in common, Government controlled information, and limited resources made available by the State, social media is quite the opposite: Shared use, but protetion via Creative Commons licensing, unlimited resources (cloud computing), real-time opinions, and real-time worldwide sharing of ideas, ideals, and communication. … Read More

Can Social Media Help Save Ford?

But Ford is truly using the downturn in the economy and the drama with its Detroit cousins to get up and deliver. While quality may have been their long-term mantra, Social Media may now be at the top of their marketing agenda. … Read More

Web Tools Continue Evolution

there is no requirement for us to maintain the latest versions (or most stable versions) of software for each box. But, as a matter of course, we keep that issue on the table and review our systems on a quarterly basis. It keeps us busy, but it also provides our clients with some confidence that we’re involved in their success. … Read More

From Failure Comes Success

A year before, I had sat at lunch with the Japanese President of the computer company I worked for, and he explained to me that as far as he was concerned, there was no opportunity for success without failure. He praised me for trying new things relative to the job I had been given to promote a new operating system on a personal computer. … Read More

Get the Audience to Return Again and Again…

After you dine in at a CPK, you receive a yellow card that proclaims, “Don’t Open it!” If you open the card, the content is worthless. If you return to CPK (at least one day later), the manager will open the card and there is a 100% guaranteed gift inside. It could be a free meal, or a year’s worth of frozen pizza pies, or perhaps $50,000. … Read More