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WebManager 5 Frequently Asked Questions

By on Oct 17, 2011 in Content Management, Web Studio |

Web Solutions // Content Management Systems / CMS Options / R|Com WebManager 5 / design – features – performance – FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Regarding R|com WebManager Pro Q: What is WebManager Pro? A: Our unique Content Management System is designed to perform as a fully functional website management system, as well as being an application development framework. Q: What does WebManager Pro manage? A: The simple answer is “web pages.” When you navigate to a website, the pages that you see are traditionally built by hand. The connection between pages is also a hand-coded process. R|com WebManager Pro eliminates the hand-coding of content. Once the site’s templates (visual presentation) have been created and installed, a user (or users) may control the content on their own – no engineering support required. Web Manager Pro also manages files, such as PDF documents, images, videos, and other media. The entire architecture to manage a web environment is included with every deployment of WebManager Pro. Q: What “web content management” tasks does WebManager Pro handle? A: The primary content management tasks relate to creating or editing web pages, managing page-level meta data, defining the page hierarchy and conducting review and approval of content. Once a content editor is logged in, they may either pull the page to edit from a list in “control panel” mode, or they may navigate and edit right from each page using in-context buttons (such as edit, versions, etc.). Q: How do I manage when pages are published? A: WebManager Pro is very good about publishing content. The content life cycle is managed by a simple, linear workflow and a built-in scheduler that will publish and archive pages with specific dates. So, if you have a holiday sale that ends on December 31, at midnight on that date, WebManager Pro will automatically archive that page. Q: What kind of access and permissions exist? A: Workflow and permission rights are defined by “role permissions.” Users are assigned both a site-wide WebManager Pro “role” and assigned to a site-wide “team.” Content that is created is owned by one team – and typically one user. If a user is a member of the team owning a page, they then have permission...

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