Building 3D Models Changes How We Share Via The Web

So, what about 3D? We’ve seen it in motion pictures for years now. Back in the 1990s, I was CEO of a software development firm called Aegis Development. We created a 3D modeling and animation system called VideoScape 3D. It was used for pre-production and production in TV and motion pictures. It evolved into Lightwave 3D and has had a tremendous success rate ever since.

Today, 3D is being used in lots of new and different ways. Have you visited the website recently? Most of the devices you see in the website (photographs excluded) are actually 3D models. As such, the marketing people have far more control over the presentation of data and information.

We use 3D models ourselves, and quite successfully. One example is our client website PureCommand. The iPad devices in the site are all 3D models developed by our team.

The benefits of 3D in today’s world include:

A 3D model is a real, life sized entity built inside of the computer.

A 3D model is more realistic than 2D drawings.

3D design gives you a competitive edge – one your competition may already be enjoying.

3D models are great for design reviews with other members of a design team.

All construction and shop fabrication drawings are created from the 3D model insuring
accuracy in the final product.

3D models are a tremendous marketing tool and can create additional revenue.

Good 3D design is not easily achieved. It is the product of talent, knowledge, and skill. Its
value is immense.

3D Opens up a world of design that is otherwise inaccessible.

The more we use 3D, the more we’re sold on it. Look for an array of new 3D modeled images and content in our client content.

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