Welcome to the New R/com Studios Website

Welcome to the New R/com Studios Website

One thing that never ends is the ongoing need for change. Our world of digital technology changes so rapidly, that every new introduction is almost a simultaneous signal of obsolescence. Hopefully, we’ll dodge a techno bullet with our new website.

The new site is completely responsive.

Open it in your PC or Mac browser, and then drag the width of the browser open and closed. You’ll see what responsive is all about. This way, one single design composition will support smart phones, tablets, and desktop PCs. We’re converting clients websites to function this way – and we’d love to help you move things forward as well.

We’ve also changed the way in which are products and services are being presented. Now, we’ve categorized everything into three specific “studios” that develop and deliver specific content:

  • Web Studio
  • iOS Studio
  • Film Studio

We’re offering the same overall product and services, but with better capabilities, more affordable pricing, and even greater quality than ever before. The new site will help you find what you need faster, and you’ll see how our workflow, pricing, and deliverables work.

During the coming weeks, we’ll also be rolling out updates to our Content Management Software, our Survey Software, as well as new services for hosting and web app management.

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