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Our team has offered a secure, efficient, and flexible content management system since 2001. Initially a branded version of a Canadian-based CMS called Sitellite, over time, our team has developed variations, additional elements, and new components, leading to our own CMS solution: R|com WebManager Pro.

The development of Sitellite was an off again/on again process, and several years ago, the primary developer determined he would be off to new adventures, leaving Sitellite as an “open source” solution to be managed by the “web community.” Our support did not change, and in fact, as other users of Sitellite found themselves without support, we added a number of clients.

Recently, the original developer of Sitellite has decided to jump back into the CMS development world. He has a new product, which he calls Elefant. Elefant is a cool idea, and is based on the most recent versions of the scripting language PHP. However, this is a simple CMS (at this point in time) and is not in any way a competitor or replacement for Sitellite.

More to the point, as our CMS is supported directly by our team (and understood by hundreds of developers worldwide), there is no risk relative to the continued use of R|com WebManager Pro – and in fact, now is the best possible time to get on board. Our CMS is in use by a wide array of users, ranging from small businesses to large multi-national distributors and service providers.

Remember, if you have questions, we’re always ready to speak with you. Give us a call, or drop us an email.

NOTE: The latest release of R|com WebManagerPro will be released this fall.

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