We throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium

The Barrett's throw out the first pitch at Dodger StadiumCameron and I were extremely honored to be selected to throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium today. As part of “hero’s day,” the Los Angeles Fire Department selected Cameron and myself to represent the department at the ravine. The Dodgers celebrate first responders each year, including military, LAPD, Sheriffs, and the LAFD.

Our work with MySafe:LA, educating children and their families, was the basis for the selection. Although a separate entity from what we do here, as Cameron and I are involved in both, there is a distant relationship. It meant a lot to us, as the MySafe:LA team has worked so hard for the past few years putting together a really terrific program.

We were both a bit nervous, and it was pretty cool to get a Major League baseball and all of the related attention. Cameron threw a perfect pitch right over the plate, which I handily grabbed with my mitt. The highlight of the day was chatting with Joe Torre. He even signed our baseball. How cool is that?

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