Improving Your Image And Gaining Viewers Is Cool!

One of the things that we are often asked to do is to help organizations improve their use of social media tools. These entities have either created a blog, a twitter account, a Facebook page, or something similar. The problem is, they aren’t getting the results they expected. “I thought we’d get millions of new users because of our Facebook page,” one client lamented in a recent discussion.

There are some important things you might consider regardless of the tool or tools you’re using. The first is exactly that: You’ve got to use the tools if you expect them to do anything. In a recent meeting withe a client, when the topic of their Facebook page came up, one staffer asked, “who maintains our Facebook page?” The CEO replied without batting an eyelash, “nobody.”

If you don’t use it, it won’t work. And, it takes more than just using it. You need to know what you’re doing and why. We are often able to help our clients increase their return on investment (ROI) via a series of simple steps. One of them is to go back to earlier posts, videos, etc., and to establish how those elements faired against competitive examples. As one example, imagine you have added a video to YouTube about surfing in Hawaii. It’s a popular theme. Six months later, your video has received 3,500 views. You expected 100,000. So, what to do?

Example of Rcom's improvement to social media status of a client
Example of Rcom's improvement to social media status of a client

We’ll evaluate other videos in the same space. That means evaluating the categories, the search results, and most important, the popularity. Then, by “editing” the video post, we can evaluate if making these changes will create an uptick in popularity. Recently, we reviewed a series of videos for a client, and discovered that they were posting all of them in the “film” category of YouTube. We changed some keywords, and most importantly, changed the category to “entertainment.” Within ten days, the number of views had increased tenfold. That’s 10-X. That’s awesome!

The most important trick is to stay on it. If you can’t do it yourself, get someone who can. We’re more than happy to discuss ways to help you increase your social media success metrics.

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