Ford Explorer Reveal is Brilliant

ford-facebookToday, Ford Motor Company unveiled the new 2011 Ford Explorer. While the traditional method of new product introductions has been at one of the various auto shows that occur annually, Ford decided to do this one on their schedule, and is using Facebook to let the world know about the new Ford truck.

In short, this is a brilliant move.

Facebook is not an automatic avenue to success. But it does have millions upon millions of users, and anyone can access a facebook page now, so the timing is right. And, Ford’s use of Facebook is what makes this product introduction so special. Starting late last night, Ford began launching short videos every few hours on both Facebook and YouTube. Not only is this cool because each video focuses on a specific aspect of the vehicle, but it will help Ford determine what kind of interest, and from what aspect of Facebook, people are coming. If you watch one video, you’re not likely an early adopter. If you watch every one, Ford will expect to see you in a dealer’s showroom with a credit app or checkbook.

We want our clients to likewise use social media appropriately. This is just one example of a terrific use of the Internet, not to mention a powerful way to introduce a significant new product without having to sort through 45 product intros on the same day. I would consider this a warning shot across the bow of every trade show. As Apple learned to use its showrooms to reduce costs and improve revenue, Ford can do the same. If you have questions or an interest in applying this type of solution to your product, give me a shout via email at davidb @ rcomcreative dot com.

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