Fighting For Life to Air on Memorial Weekend

We’re pleased to announce that our favoriate Academy-Award® winning producer/director Terry Sanders will be sitting back with family and friends this coming Saturday night when KCET airs his remarkable documentary, “Fighting for Life.” The documentary film has received remarkable reviews and will certainly catch your attention.

Sanders directs Fighting for Life in Iraq.
Sanders directs Fighting for Life in Iraq.

The film, which Sanders and his crew shot in Iraq, Germany, and the U.S. follows surgeons trained at Uniformed Services University. A majority of military surgeons are allums from USU these days, and their job is often a challenging one. “It was always busy,” Sanders recalled. “And you’d be in the operating room with the surgeons and suddenly the air raid sirens would go off and you knew that mortars were going to be inbound. I was slightly nervous. But, it is an important topic, and I’m very pleased with the result,” he said.

When I first saw the initial sample clip – an eight minute piece that reflected where the film might go in post production, I was really taken aback. The story content was so powerful. Now that the film has been completed, I see new things every time I watch the film. It is moving, heroic, and non-political.

Shot with a multiple types of HD cameras, including the Sony Z1U, Sanders and his crew were given tremendous access to hospitals, surgeons, and patients by the United States Military. The Sony Z1U was useful as it allowed the camera operators to get into areas where a larger camera might not have been as useful, including operating theaters and even a C-17 airlift intensive care aircraft. The film was cut using Final Cut Pro, and for theatrical release was transferred to 35mm film. “It held up very nicely,” Sanders said of the telecine conversion.

KCET will air Fighting for Life on Saturday, May 23, @ 10:00PM local time.

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  1. Jon Nixon

    What a great film. Thanks for the referral. I like your work, too. Would love to see more of it!

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