Some Things Do Get Less Expensive

airport-wirelessOne of our clients decided this would be a great time to upgrade the wireless network in his home. So, as a courtesy to a good client, we agreed to help install the system.

Based on what he had in place and the size of the home (large), he determined that he’d need three Apple Airport Extreme devices, mounting kits, plus two Airport Express devices. All in all, the cost was about $1,000, plus labor.

When we arrived, our first step was to review what had to be done, and that included some mounting of support plates, crawling through the attic, sweating in the basement, etc. The next step was to transfer all of the data to the initial wireless box, a new Apple Airport 802.11N device.

Once completed, I had an idea. Before installing anything else, I decided to walk around the home with my laptop, to determine where the signal faded. Surprise, the new model of the Airport was powerful enough that it covered the entire home. Wow. Well, almost wow. When we walked down to the basement, we found that only half of the underground “man-room” was receiving a signal. So, we popped an Airport Express into a wall socket and voila! Total coverage.

As a result, we get to return two airports, one express, and several mounting kits. Net savings of nearly $650 on the deal. Not a bad way to support your client…

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