Design Considerations

One of the most important things when creating any design is to consider the office of origin. It’s no good putting together a set of modern design elements when the client is an organization that centers on history – basic concerns, but it’s always interesting to see how personal taste figures into these things.

Considerations for styling cues aside, the breadth and variety of customers means that I’ve always got to keep in mind what they might like, in addition to what suits their needs. The most beautiful design in the world counts for naught if the client doesn’t approve, in the end.

Designing by committee, finally, is one of those inevitable issues, when working with the top level of an organization. The best things I’ve learned here is to aid the group in staying on task, in the scope of the project – as a designer, it isn’t enough to just make something beautiful, but provide insight and suggestions for the committee’s use. Perhaps the answer is not to design by committee so much as design with committee.

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