Australia Revisited

Last year I spent two weeks travelling across Australia as one person in a two-unit film crew – the fulfillment of a dream long envisioned, and certainly more wonderful than I could have imagined. As we followed the World Solar Challenge from the start point in Darwin to the finish line in Adelaide, some of the most meaningful moments seemed to come up in the quiet between actual work.

On our first night in the outback, my woefully inadequate sleeping bag couldn’t keep me warm enough to get a good nights’ sleep, so I ended up taking a walk out under the stars. And what a walk.

Would have been creepier if dingos howled.

Far away from any city lights, after the moon had set around three, the stars shone down so brightly that you could see the density of stars making up the milky way spanning from one end of the sky to the other. Absolutely breathtaking.

Being so far south in the hemisphere means that the stars move around a lot faster than your’e used to, but I did manage to get the above photo after a surprise rainstorm. The night photos I’ve taken are among my favorites, and I’ve picked out a couple to share for you below.

Til next time!


another shot of the night sky
Hard to make out.. but it's really really starry
Hard to make out.. but it's really starry
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